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Our outstanding neighborhood includes over 450 single family homes in the area bound by the Grand Canal on the south, Camelback Road on the north, 7th Avenue on the east and 15th Avenue on the west.Our neighborhood is situated in the heart of Phoenix, it is a quiet, mid century community with tree lined streets established in 1951. Our residents are a diverse mix of young and old—many of our residents are original homeowners. We even have some second and third generation homeowners! At the same time we love welcoming new families into our community of 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes.We are proud of the character and charm of our area, originally named Parkview Homes. Our Neighborhood Association was formed in 1991 to enlist the residents in the mounting challenges of maintaining a thriving neighborhood in central Phoenix. The unity of the association of residents and representation by a caring Board provides a way for all the neighbors to get together and help make our neighborhood one of the best places to live in Central Phoenix.


The Grandview Neighborhood Association has four elected officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. These board officers are elected to a two year term. There are three general Board members.We are registered with the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department as an incorporated neighborhood association. Many of the benefits of our neighborhood are the events: the Annual Neighborhood Cookout, Annual Yard Sale, Annual Easter Egg Hunt, monthly Front Yard Fridays, bimonthly meetings and much, much more!We would like all residents of the Grandview Neighborhood to join us. We do make a difference! We encourage you to get involved by becoming an association volunteer or street representative — you’ll be able to help in so many ways.


•Promote a sense of community and cohesiveness in the neighborhood by organizing neighborhood events.
•Present a unified voice to the City, County and State governments and adjacent businesses on various issues which may affect our neighborhood. Areas of particular concern include zoning issues, traffic control, crime prevention and property appearance.
• Promote the Block Watch Program and providing a liaison with the Phoenix Police Department to reduce crime in the neighborhood.


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